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Late Model, Early Model, Almost Any Model. Cash For Cars Berkeley Wants Your Car And Will Pay You For It Today.


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Get cash for an old car in Berkeley simple

We have a way for you to sell your old car for cash in Berkeley, and we can make this happen as soon as you want. Cash for cars is an easy way to unload a car that you do not need, and we buy cars in Berkeley that you could not sell in the classifieds. We do not want to see our customers waste their time putting ads in the classifieds when you could just as easily sell your car with us. You can call us today for help, and you an get that car sold right now..

What do you do?

You call us to set up your appointment for the car sale, and we will make sure that you we give you a price for the car that is fair. Let us know what kind of car it is, what condition it is in and what you were thinking you could get for it. We will let you know what we think we can give you for the car. We try to be as fair as possible, and we will answer your questions while you have us on the phone.

What happens next?

We make an appointment so that we can come and actually get the car. We will send someone with a tow truck to tow away the car, and we will make sure that we check the car before we take it. The cash gets put in your hand when we pick up the car, and we drive away with the car. The process is that simple, and we can do this with any of the cars that you have. The cars you want to sell are no longer your problem because we haul them away for you.

What kind of cars?

We buy all kinds of cars that you need to sell, and we make sure that they get sold as soon as possible. We know that you do not want to wait around, and we will make sure we go fast to get it sold. You can get any car off your lot or out of your parking lot in just a couple minutes, and you can call us any time for more help. We are happy to come help you with this problem, and we will make sure that you are paid a fair price before we drive off with your old car.

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